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Welcome to Michael Maennlein Import - Export GmbH, Wholesale for Retailers in Military Outdoor- and Fashion Sector

The company Michael Maennlein Import - Export GmbH exists now for over 25 years and has grown to a constant in the sector of Military-, Army-, Outdoor-, Fashion- and Street wear. Today, a steadily growth and the permanent expansion of our assortment are our main objectives which we pursue with great dedication.

"The customer is king", not only an old known rule but also one of our principles which have been certified in the last years by our customers. In our wide assortment for the specialized trade you will find in the meantime more than hundreds of articles starting with trendsetters in the street wear sector with our strong brand "Boots and Braces" over modern and functional clothing for special forces, which also was established on the market by one of our own brand "Tacgear" to the point of a diversified program of second hand articles, which rounds up our assortment.

"BY MMB", "Bondage London" and "TABU WEAR" are complementing our wholesale in various product segments. In our shop you will find a large assortment of shoes and boots out of the Military-, Gothic- and Fashion segment as well as textiles (parkas, shorts, headdresses) for each season. Our tactical equipment is especially designed for the military sector but we offer various earmarked clothing and accessories for the security sector, too.A further main pillar of our company are the strong foreign brands "Bates", "Magnum Hi Tec", "Zippo", "Ballistol" and "Fruit of the Loom" which complement our wide range of products at a high level.

Textile upgrading like print/stitch orders for e.g. fire brigades, graduating classes, unions or other organizers like security companies belongs to our core sector from the beginning.

If German Army or another International Army, if scene clothing or military demands, if "young", "old" or "assembler", our pool of goods hits the spot for many branches which are looking for "nonstandard articles" and is therefore just as special as the staff who operates this business.

Through the optimal infrastructure and the long lasting experience in the import-export business, we always have the ability to deliver our customers exceptional and as quickly as possible, because not only shipment of packets but also shipment of pallets belongs to our daily business. The transportation of goods and shipments is taken over by us and will therefore always find the destination, both at home and abroad without any expenses to our customers.

Our qualified team is optimally familiar with the products and will help you in all kind of concerns in a friendly and professional manner. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to call us.

We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.

Michael Männlein Import – Export GmbH | Goldkronacher Straße 31 | 95463 Bindlach | Germany
Phone: +49 (0)9208 58 68-0 | Fax: +49 (0)9208 58 68 48
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